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St. Sebastian Socials


Anita Calleri

Danielle Petit

Janice Stahl

Danielle Edgar

Mission Statement: To create and provide a Christian-based community through RADICAL HOSPITALITY by fostering friendship and family values.

It's Time for a Party!

St. Sebastian SocialsThe St. Sebastian Socials are a great way to meet new families and create strong bonds among our school and parish. The entire ticket price to attend these parties –100% of it – goes directly to the St. Sebastian Teachers Wellness and Appreciation Fund. If you are looking to get involved, like to throw parties, or just attend them, the Socials are just the thing for you! Come and be a part of the fun! Each grade has the option to have a Social either for the kids, the parents, or families. Last year was a HUGE success with the grade socials. The parties can occur any time during the school year and the ideas and themes are endless! If you would like to plan a social, or have a group of friends that would like plan a fun event, please contact Anita, Danielle, Janice or Danielle for more information.




5th Grade Social - Sunday May 6th is a Scavenger Hunt and Picnic for 5th Grade. More details will be coming home soon, contact Keith Wisberger in the meantime at 330-714-5971 or with any questions. Special thanks to the Host Families who include; Bartilson, Gilchrist, Hayes, Karhoff, Kidder, Puglia and Wisberger. 


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2016 - 17 Expenditures

Attending the Socials

  • Fill out the RSVP form or contact a Social host listed on the invitation.
  • Then, mail in a check (or send via backpack express) to the school. If you want to attend more than one social, just combine your money into one check. Make checks payable to St. Sebastian Parish Foundation. No cash will be accepted. Feel free to send in your money at any time. You can sign up for one party at a time and then at a later date signup for another one. Please keep in mind that parties are limited.

If a Social has a maximum number of guests, tickets are on a first-come, first-served bases. Once your check is received, your spot is reserved. There are no refunds, but tickets are transferable to other guests.