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The Cornerstone of Our Faith - Survey Results

Category Suggestion  
  • Handicap accessible features: ramp at back of church, automatic doors
  • Improve accessibility for those who need it
  • Separately, if you are aiming to take on handicapped accessibility and you're creating this as a wish list, you may want to consider reconstructing a means for handicapped persons to access the Sacristy/Sanctuary level. That could, in theory, be worked into a plan that could modify the space you use for the baptismal font up front (I'm thinking roughly along the lines of St. Paul's in Akron) or by reworking a staircase to the Server's Sacristy or main sacristy into a ramp. Just throwing the idea out there.
  • Possibly handicapped accessible confessional -for ambulatory & in scooter or wheel-chair.
  • Possibly an automatic door FOR the handicapped/ramp entrance (might be too expensive?)
  • Maybe another wheel chair access ramp
  • ADA entrance doors on SE corner of Sanctuary
  • Accessible restroom at back of church
    Baptistery Restore the baptistery to serve its original purpose - as a baptistery. The library and it's books in the baptistery can be easily relocated to another more appropriate room in the back of the church  
    Candle Stands
  • Votive candle stands for every statue "chaplet" area
  • New vigil candle stands
    Cleaning & Polishing
  • Clean, polish and beautify all
  • Wash the interior stain glassed windows and if you are even more ambitious, the walls of the church or at least the columns between the windows.
    Commission Painting/Crucifix Painting/Tapestries
  • Commission a painting of like size and framing to that of the painting of the crucifixion (in the McDonough Library), it will depict the resurrection and hang them over the altars of Mary & Joseph)
  • Would also love to see the crucifixion painting up in the church all year - Maybe on back walls flanking the doors (if there is Room)
  • Please hang the painting (now in library) somewhere in the sanctuary. My suggestion: above the Blessed Mother or above St. Joseph
  • There should be tapestries above the statues of Mary & Joseph
    Confessionals Confessionals need sound proofed (easy to hear even in the church)  
    Cry Room
  • Enhancements to the cry room are also much need (audio especially)
  • Cover the bolt in floor in cry room bathroom
  • Improve the condition of the Cry room
    Divine Mercy Would love to see Divine Mercy Image in the Church  
  • Fire Marshall should be satisfied with Church Doors secured by automatic release upon fire alarm doors. Sister lives in retirement community with these in hallways. May not be suitable for outside doors.
  • Noisy Doors (fix - don't keep)
  • New outside doors
    Emergency Exits I do know there is a mandate for emergency exits also. looked lately, but am guessing it is still that way.  
  • Sandblast and clean outside brick renovate gutters to stop staining of brick, new concrete in front of church. Even if a 10 year program to 100th Anniversary is needed to do all this.
  • Power wash the brick and the "house of the Lord" at the main entrance of the Church
  • For future consideration: Removal of the black streaks from outside of the building
  • Bring back to new -like condition our floor
  • Redo floors
  • I should probably have added...since you're also planning on refinishing floors in the church, maybe the sacristy floors could be looked at as well. The main sacristy has probably seen more foot traffic per square foot per day than any other floor surface in the church.
    Gathering Place Gathering place attached to Church  
    General comment
  • I am excited about this endeavor overall
  • Thanks for the opportunity to provide input. Good luck & God Bless!
  • Better lighting on the mosaics in the church: Lighting improvements on the big mosaic behind the altar to bring out the color of the mosaic tile. Better lighting on the crucifix to accentuate it - it often blends with the mosaic
  • Lights directed at each station of the cross to better accentuate each one. Lighting improvements on the big mosaic behind the altar to bring out the color of the mosaic tile. Better lighting on the crucifix to accentuate it - it often blends with Mosaic
  • Better lighting in the sacristy, especially over the sinks, including the floral area.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Restore the mosaic- I am not close enough to see the missing piece but it would be nice
  • Repair Mosaic
  • Restore/Repair the Mosaic Wall behind the Altar - replace missing pieces and reseal it
    Paint Paint walls around windows up high that are chipping  
  • The pews, kneelers, and terrazzo floors are all in need of restoration indeed. Terrazzo floors are beautiful. Don't replace them, just recondition. I support that effort
  • Book Racks on the back of each Pew
  • Add pew envelope and pencil holders
  • The noise from parishioners putting kneelers up is very Annoying. The kneeler's wood rests up against a wood stopper! Perhaps something as simple as a felt pad on the wood block. Would minimize the noise? This came from contemplative Prayer before Daily mass
  • Kneelers - need to be lighter
  • I also hope the slamming kneelers can be fixed
  • Consider making shorter (and therefore lighter weight) kneelers,  I recently sat behind one of the large posts where the kneelers are half the length of the regular kneeler.  It was so much easier to control and perhaps that would make them less noisy.
  • Padded seats
  • Padded seats on all the pews
  • Pews redone
  • I believe the pews are the things most in need of restoration. These are what most strike my eye as I look around. Hopefully this is not cost-prohibitive
  • Refinish and refurbish pews
  • Pews (as stated)
  • I like the finish on the pews - appreciate the wear and tear - it reminds me of the families before me and all the moms like me with kids in church - I like that "PATINA"
  • Redo Pews in entirety and no hat clips
  • I think the pews are top priority.
  • Pews and padding on the kneelers
  • Refurbish pews, kneelers Ensure pews are bolted to floor
  • Thank you for taking on the Church Restoration Project! I love this beautiful church and my only suggestion is to keep the work to restoration - bring back to new -like condition our pews kneelers
  • Refurbish the pews/kneelers
  • The pews and kneelers should be top choices
  • The pews, kneelers, and terrazzo floors are all in need of restoration indeed. Terrazzo floors are beautiful. Don't replace them, just recondition. I support that effort.
    Podiums Perhaps new podiums  
    Priest & Deacon Chairs In addition to the pews, kneelers and floor needing to be restored, the Priest's and Deacon's chairs in the sanctuary need refinishing too.  
  • The Ladies Room in the lower level of the Church. There has been such an unpleasant odor in the room even when no one has recently used it. Please, some attention is needed there. Thank you.
  • The restrooms, women's upstairs, basement, wedding room have dripped water from faucets for many years (In the Church)
    Small Organ
  • Use downstairs organ - possibly more at children's weekly mass. Why only use at recitals when not too many attend?
  • Please remove the extra organ. I feel it is an eye sore. Dose is play? I heard it once for 3 min before a mass. Thank you.
  • Does the small organ really need to be in the Church? How often is it really used?
  • Remove Organ in Front of Church - it ruins the appearance of our beautiful church and is rarely used
  • Remove small organ in church. Somewhere else - it degrades the appearance of our beautiful church!!
  • To restore the Church interior, the second organ in front right of church should be removed. It is not used during liturgy and it partially blocks the view of the ambo and side altar when one is sitting on the right side. The church certainly was not designed to have such a large object placed there, and the parish properly and justifiable spent hundreds od thousand of dollars to rebuild the choir loft organ. That excellent organ is sufficient. Two organs is excessive.
  • Get rid of the organ in front of St. Joseph !!
  • The "little" organ needs to go. It looks very greedy in the face of all the $$$ spent on the one upstairs. The piano looked much more graceful and is used during services! (or if it is really needed sell back the big one).
  • Is the organ downstairs really necessary? It is hardly played at all. Room for contemporary choir in the front.
  • I do not think the "orphan organ" in the right front of the church adds to the beauty of our Church It looks like cardboard boxes stacked up.
  • Please remove the organ that is not used and it detracts from the beauty of our church. Then the restoration of the pews and kneelers can begin.
  • I know of more than a few people who would like to see the small organ relocated. Perhaps move it to the front main altar. Lots of space up there on both sides. Then, bring back the much needed pew space. The current organ placement blocks views of the beautiful side altar and aesthetically doesn't fit.
    Sound System
  • Add Hearing Coil
  • Install "hearing loop" that is connected to hearing aids - very important - St. Hilary and St. Vincent have this device!
  • Sound system does not deliver clear audible wording of holies, guest sermons and many other messages throughout the entire church - detail provided. Add auxiliary speakers at various locations
  • Better sound system
  • Sound systems in main Church and Zwisler Hall! Speaker can't be heard in rear of main church. Need additional microphones for masses with more than two concelebrants. Zwisler Hall system totally inadequate.
  • Microphone system (yes, we know!)
  • Continue to improve sound system/acoustics
  • Sound System
  • Improved sound system by better speakers and control of sound off of walls
  • Acoustics Tiles strategically placed to help the acoustics in the Church
  • Sound system still needs fine-tuned. The cantor's microphone often sounds very scratchy and does not project well Sound system still needs work
  • Sound system. It is very hard to hear, or understand everything being said.
  • Improve the overall Sound system - very garbled and difficult to hear when seated in back half of church and depending on who is speaking.
  • Sound System
  • New Sound system
  • Please do not move the tabernacle
  • Renovate tabernacle and refinish brass ornamentation for all pieces.
    Woodwork While you're refinishing all the woodwork in the Church/Sanctuary, please don't overlook the Sacristies! I think the cabinets are the same kind of wood and could use the same TLC you plan for the pews. Also, it would be nice to replace the countertops in the Sacristy as well.