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St. Sebastian Center for Early Learning

School Calendar, Early Care, Meals, Snacks and Daily Schedule



After Care

After Care for children enrolled full day at the Center for Early Learning will be available for the 2019 – 2020 school year from 2:30pm – 6:00 pm every day.


Children enrolled in the full day Pre-Kindergarten classes will bring their lunch to school every day. Milk and hot lunches will be available to pre-order for the preschool children. All lunches must meet 1/3 of the USDA nutritional guidelines for the appropriate age group.


Snacks will be available in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Snacks must also meet nutritional guidelines. Usually, it will consist of fruit or fruit juice and a bread/cereal product, such as crackers. We provide the fruit juice and parents will send in several boxes of healthy carbohydrates when requested. Parents of children with food allergies must notify the teacher and director before the school year begins so that we will be able to accommodate the child’s needs. Parents can also provide a special snack for the class to celebrate a child’s birthday or special occasion.

Rebates/Overtime Charges

If a parent pays tuition in advance and finds that he/she must withdraw the child before the end of the school year, that parent will receive a reimbursement of all “unused time”. If a parent does not provide a 2 week notice of withdrawal, they will relinquish the equivalent of 2 weeks tuition.


Your child’s safety is always our first priority. Our staff is trained in first aid, communicable disease, child abuse awareness and Virtus. Building doors and classroom doors remain locked at all times with security cameras at each entrance to the building. Lockdown drills as well as tornado and fire drills are practiced with the children.

Schedules for the Day

  • Free Play – fine motor manipulatives, dramatic play, small group activities, social skills, problem solving, hands on math experiences
  • Art – creative expression and fine motor development
  • Circle Time – prayer, calendar, weather, the Pledge of Allegiance, math moments, language arts, songs
  • Story Time – with strong language arts emphasis
  • Music and Movement – motor skills, creative expression through dance and movement, follow directions,
    experience different styles of music, experience rhythm, speed and tone
  • Outside Play – physical fitness, gross motor development, observation of activities of the social environment (ie., trucks, airplanes, street sweepers) and exploration of nature (ie. ,bugs, changing seasons, mud, snow)
  • Teacher Directed Activities – table activities such as Weekly Reader, religion lesson, journal or other age appropriate paper, pencil, scissor activities
  • Snack – usually juice or milk and a healthy carbohydrate
  • Rest time – mandated for full day students