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Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)


Would you like to reduce your tuition AND raise money for the school by simply buying groceries and making your normal purchases you make every week? If your answer is yes, read on.

The St. Sebastian Parish School TRIP program allows you to purchase gift cards and e-certificates on a regular basis that spend just like cash at major retailers. A percentage of each dollar you spend goes to your own individual account that is used the following year as a credit to your tuition. The same percentage goes to fund the St. Sebastian Parish School tuition fund.

You may be thinking "Yeah, right, I'm going to have to go to some obscure retailers that are desperate for my money." Well, stores such as ACME, Giant Eagle, Earth Fare, Subway, Starbucks, Olive Garden, Bravo, Bob Evans, Home Depot, Office Max and so many more nationally known establishments are participants in this program!

Nearly 100 families will receive tuition credits as a result of their participation in the TRIP program this past school year.


1/4 TRIP Orders Placed (No delivery because no orders are placed on 12/14)

For More Information on the TRIP Program and Ordering Information, Click HERE.

To Download the Registration Form for the TRIP Program, Click HERE.


To Download the most recent TRIP Order Form, Click HERE.


Program Rules and Guidelines

  1. Registrants may direct their tuition credit to their own personal account, or to the general tuition fund. Participants may receive additional credit by placing orders for relatives, friends, or coworkers.
  2. If the only child in a family graduates from St. Sebastian, a check will be cut to the family for the tuition credit, if desired.
  3. TRIP certificates must be treated as cash. If your certificates are lost or stolen, it is not possible to re-issue them. St. Sebastian Parish School will not be held responsible for lost or misplaced certificates after they are picked up.
  4. Tuition credits will be held in a master account and transferred once per year in June. The credit you earn will be used to reduce next year’s tuition. If you pay via Smart Tuition, your Smart Tuition payment will be reduced by the amount of the credit, spread over the entire year. If you pay in full, your tuition amount will be reduced by the credit. You will receive a statement in June indicating your tuition credit earned.
  5. Prefunding of tuition is allowed for a period of up to two (2) years. A current parishioner with children who are not yet of school age may purchase TRIP and earn tuition credit that can be applied upon enrollment in the school. If the child does not enroll in the school, the tuition credit is forfeited into the General Tuition Fund.
  6. If incorrect certificates are ordered due to a St Sebastian Parish School error, we will correct the order. However, if you ordered incorrectly, we cannot accept returns or issue refunds.
  7. All certificate orders must be paid by a check or money order made payable to St Sebastian TRIP at the time of placement of the order. Please do not send cash. TRIP certificate payments are not tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value.
  8. If your check is returned because of non-sufficient funds (NSF), you will be charged a $20 fee payable to St. Sebastian Parish School. After two NSF checks are tendered on your account, your TRIP ordering privileges will be limited to money order only.
  9. Participants will be automatically re-enrolled for the next school year, using the same tuition credit allocation from the previous year. If a different credit allocation is required, then a new registration form must be completed.